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Nanoprint and -Imprint Solutions

AMO provides fabrication and development services for UV nanoimprint with quartz templates and soft-UV nanoimprint with elastomeric templates. AMO offers the integration of imprint material, templates and tools with customer-oriented process development.

In-house fabrication for high resolution quartz, elastomeric templates and UV-curable imprint resists can be supplied. Based on our profound equipment configuration we can offer up to full 6” wafer or 6”..8” step & repeat.

We support you in:

  • Process development
  • Template fabrication
  • Nanoimprint resist
  • Nanofabrication
  • CMOS-Prototyping by NIL 
  • Electronic and Photonic device prototyping
  • Technology evaluation and consulting
  • Low-volume production
  • Resist material evaluation

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Nanoimprint Foundry Services

AMO offers its long-term experience in nanoimprint technology. We are developing processes and applications using soft-UV nanoimprint.


Imprint resolution limit down to 20 nm
up to 6" single step imprint
Elastomeric templates up to 6"

Masters and Templates

We offer standard and customized template fabrication. Based on our high resolution E-beam technology we are able to realise templates with dimensions down to 30 nm. We offer solutions for several imprint tools. For S&R UV nanoimprint we provide quartz glass templates. For soft UV nanoimprint and micro contact printing we offer silicon master fabrication and PDMS replication up to 6".

grating pattern

patterned area
up to 6" on silicon

microscale pattern

arbitrary pattern with etching
depth up to 20 µm on silicon

Download Silicon Master Fact Sheet

Imprint Resist: AMONIL®

AMONIL® is the result of our long-standing experience in UV nanoimprint. It is designed for spin-coating imprint processes using quartz or PDMS templates. We offer the resist material in different thicknesses in 50, 100 and 500 ml bottles.

The most important part of nanostructure replication using nanoimprint is the adhesion asymmetry. The adhesion between substrate and resist layer has to be larger than the adhesion between resist layer and mold. Otherwise resist rupture, mold contamination and certainly structure loss are to be expected.

For best performance it is therefore appropriate to either use low surface energy molds (e.g. PDMS) or quartz molds with anti adhesion coating.

Additionally, the resist adhesion to the substrate can be optimized by adapted primers (pretreatment for adhesion enhancement). Furthermore, the mold adhesion can be reduced by means of fluor groups within the resist itself. The resist AMONIL®, available at AMO, can be ordered in combination with an adequate primer (AMOPRIME) for the pretreatment of the substrates. In addition, AMONIL® also contains a fluorpolymere additive which reduces the mold adhesion further. 



UV curable low viscosity imprint resist material
available thickness from 100 nm to 800 nm
excellent anti-sticking properties
compatible with modified quartz and PDMS templates

Download AMONIL Fact Sheet


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