AMO opened up its doors to 10 young girls at this year`s Girls‘ Day

On April 27 AMO was proud to introduce AMOs daily research work to ten interested young girls aged from 13 to 15 years .

On Girls’Day, taking place once a year, companies, research institution and universities in Germany open their doors to young students starting from their fifths year. The girls become familiar with professions and studies from IT, natural science and technology, dominated by men and not by women.

On that day the girls got an on-site overview of AMOs research activities. Using the example of information technology they saw where nanotechnology becomes important and where it is concrete in daily life. After a short presentation the girls were able to visit the cleanroom facilities, the heart of AMO, observing the different process steps in nanotechnology. They could learn more about the fabrication and characterization processes in nanotechnology.

The girls were able to examine a fly leg with the so called scanning electron microscope and could implement the lithography on a wafer on their own. At the end of this exciting workshop every girl took home their own self fabricated wafer as a lasting souvenir.

All in all it was a very successful day and the girls got good insights into new, still men dominated working fields. One of the girls already applied for an internship at AMO. Thanks everyone for coming.