AMO at NIL Industrial Day 2017

With a wide-ranging conference presentation at this year‘s NIL Industrial Day in Berlin AMO GmbH gave a comprehensive overview of its current technology portfolio, its cleanroom infrastructure as well as its specific competences to interested third parties. The lecture offered an excellent overview of the whole foundry service portfolio to potential customers. In particular in the area of UV-NIL, AMO as a very experienced partner is able to offer its clients the whole process flow beginning with design up to master fabrication and the real imprint process.

The AMO exhibition booth accompanied the conference presentation successfully. The overall know how in this area was brought in by AMO to several EU and federal funded research projects in diverse fields of application. Just like the ATLASS project, funded by the European Commission (Grant No. 646130) within the frame of the Horizon 2020 project.

On the whole, the lecture with its title „Pathfinder in advanced Micro- and Nanotechnology“ as well as the exhibition booth met great interest and fruitful discussions were conducted with potential clients and cooperation partners from research and industry. These contacts will be strengthened on a short term in further on site discussions in Aachen.

Lern more about ATLASS ‚Advanced High-Resolution Printing of Organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces’: