First integrated perovskite laser developed

The first integrated perovskite laser which has been fabricated by AMO in collaboration with IIT, Center for Nano Science and Technology, Milan has been published recently in Optics Express. It is the first lasing perovskite device which has been integrated on a high throughput silicon nitride photonic fabrication platform.

The waferscale silicon nitride platform developed at AMO already combines several functionalities such as low-loss waveguides as well as thermo-optical switches. Up to this day however, no lasing devices were integrated on silicon nitride due to its dielectric nature. Organo-metal perovskites have recently gained high attention in photovoltaic applications. Their properties also enable optical gain at visible and near infra-red wavelengths. Our device is the first perovskite laser accessible for the on-chip platform based on silicon nitride. The laser threshold is 19 µJ/cm².

The device has been developed within the EU Marie-Curie training action Syn chronics.

The publication can be found here: