AMO presented itself successfully as prototyping service provider at the 43th MNE in Portugal

MNE 2017 is the 43rd international conference on current trends in the area of research, fabrication and application in micro- and nanofabrication. AMO presented itself as prototyping service provider at the accompanying industrial exhibition this year.

The long-lasting competences of AMO in the area of nanolithography (e-beam-, contact-, projection-, laser interference and nanoimprint lithography) enables AMO to offer diverse processes with the mix and match approach. This was further strengthened by a scientific poster contribution with the topic „Mix and Match Lithography using Soft Stamp Nanoimprint and Electron Beam Lithography for Rapid Prototyping of Nanophotonic Devices“. This met the conference visitors interests very much.

Another contribution of AMO to the so called BEAMER software of the company GenISys for optimization of e-beam lithography supported the perception of AMO as a process developer as well as a manufacturing service provider of the conference attendees.

The explicit objective of MNE, the strengthening of mutual interaction and the launch of new discussions, was clearly attained by AMO GmbH. For this reason, AMO will attend MNE 2018 again.