Project Meeting of FET open project Phase Change Switch

Six European research partners, EPFL Lausanne, IBM Research Zurich, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Thales Research and Technology, University of Cambridge and AMO met in Aachen for a mutual information exchange about their latest research results within the European project Phase Change Switch. Already at a very early stage of the project the common information transfer was fruitful and enables a positive view to a successful project in future.    

The six project partners of Phase Change Switch

Phase Change Switch addresses the need for combined energy efficiency and extended functionality with the engineering of new classes of solid-state Beyond CMOS switches exploiting the abrupt phase-change (Metal-Insulator-Transition – MIT) in materials and at temperatures that make them interesting for electronic circuits and systems by their performance, energy efficiency and scalability. The disruptive research contributions persued by the consortium include neuromorphic circuits, non-volatile ionitronic solid-state memory devices and other promising novel device concepts. At the same time, the project covers the whole value chain, from novel phase-change materials to new device and circuit architectures together with their scaling and integration on silicon and GaN platforms.