AMO is a new member of the Zuse Community

The Zuse community continues growing.  The Association of Non-Profit Industrial Research Institutes has affiliated as its 74th member the Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mikro- und Optoelektronik GmbH (AMO) from Aachen. AMO is active in the research and development of new technologies such as nano- and optoelectronics.  During the membership ceremony that took place yesterday in Aachen, the participants were all very pleased with the development.

The Zuse community grows with AMO in a field that is very important for the current technological trends. “We offer sustainable solutions for the challenges of the digitalized world. We see ourselves as partners of innovators who want to go new and even unconventional directions”, explained AMO’s managing director Prof. Dr. Max Christian Lemme during the membership ceremony at the institute’s headquarters in Aachen. The co-managing director Dr. Michael Hornung added: “We act as scouts for future technological solutions, and bring our expertise into joint research and development projects. Building on many years of experience in the fields of semiconductor technology, silicon photonics and graphene electronics, at AMO we identify topics from basic research that promise solutions for societal challenges and appear suitable for industrial exploitation, and we demonstrate their concrete implementation.”

At the presentation of the membership certificate, Friedrich-Wilhelm Bolle, member of the executive committee of the Zuse association, remarked: “With AMO we fortify even further our already strong network in Aachen and North Rhine-Westphalia. AMO brings important scientific know-how to the network on a supra-regional level. With AMO, we are gaining another ally in our political struggle for fairness in research funding and more support for non-profit, independent research institutes”.



About the Zuse Community

The Zuse Community represents the interests of non-profit, privately organized industrial research institutions. More than 70 institutes nationwide belong to the association, which is open to all technologies and industries.  These institutes represent a practical and creative source of ideas for German SMEs, translating the findings of science into applicable technologies, and laying the ground for the innovations that make German SMEs successful worldwide.