Pioneering 2D materials for semiconductor industry – the 2D-Experimental Pilot Line presents itself

In October 2020, the European Commission launched the 2D-Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL), a new €20 million project aimed at developing the first pilot line to manufacture large volumes of electronic components based on graphene and related 2D materials. AMO GmbH is one of the partners of the project, together with Aixtron Ltd. and Oxford Instruments (UK), imec (Belgium), iHP GmbH, Micro Resist Technology GmbH, Aixtron SA and Suss Microtech (Germany), Graphenea (Spain), and VTT (Finland).

On February 4, the 2D-Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) will present itself to the public in a rich digital event with the title “Pioneering 2D materials for semiconductor industry”. Keynote speakers: Luigi Colombo (University of Texas) and Oliver Whear (Aixtron), followed by a panel discussion with Cedric Huyghebaert (IMEC), Max Lemme (RWTH Aachen University and AMO GmbH) and Sanna Arpiainen (VTT).

This event marks the public launch of the 2D-EPL and will give participants insights on this new initiative of the Graphene Flagship and how it can spearhead the introduction of graphene and related materials in the semiconductor industry. More information about the event can be found here.

The event will be anticipated by a dedicated briefing for press and media at 1:30 (CET).

Full program (all times CET):

1.30pm –            Press and Media briefing: The Graphene Flagship 2D Experimental Pilot Line.
Rebecca Waters, Dissemination

3.00pm –            Introduction to the 2D-EPL goals and key milestones
Sanna Arpiainen, VTT Finland

3.15pm –            2D Materials: research to manufacturing
Luigi Colombo, University of Texas

4.00pm –            AIXTRON MOCVD: making 2D material industrialisation possible
Oliver Whear, AIXTRON Ltd.

4.25pm –             Panel discussion: How the 2D-EPL contributes to the adoption of GRM by the semiconductor world.

Speaker bios

Luigi Colombo earned BS (1975) degree in Physics from Iona College (NY) and PhD (1980) degree in Materials Science from the University of Rochester (NY). He is now an Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas after a 36-year career at Texas Instruments (TI). He has authored and co-authored over 170 refereed papers, made over 200 invited and contributed presentations, has written 5 chapters in edited books, and holds over 125 US and international patents. He is on the Strategic Advisory Council of the European Graphene Flagship, has been on the advisory board of the UC Berkeley Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science External Advisory Board, the SRC-NRI Technical Program Group, and the SRC-STARnet Strategic Advisory Board. He is also a retired-TI Fellow, and is an IEEE and APS Fellow.

Oliver Whear graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of York while investigating the growth of magnetic thin films. He went on to work as an X-ray applications scientist before becoming a product manager for a compound semiconductor HRXRD tool fleet. During his time as an X-ray applications scientist, Oliver worked with customers throughout the whole semiconductor supply chain including substrate manufacture, III-V foundries, memory foundries and <14nm logic R&D lines to develop new metrologies for in-line investigation and quality control in the industry’s most advanced production processes. Now as the Product Manager for 2D materials at AIXTRON, Oliver is tasked with enabling industry to adopt 2D into their process roadmap and to work with the academic community to realise future applications.