Invited talk by Anna Lena Giesecke at CLEO 2021

On Tuesday, May 11, Dr. Anna Lena Giesecke, will present AMO’s latest progress on integrated perovskite light-emitters in an invited talk at CLEO, the world-renowned conference for laser science and photonics applications, co-sponsored by the American Physical Society, IEEE Photonics Society and The Optical Society (OSA).

“CLEO is a perfect platform to present our latest achievements in the integration of perovskite light-emitters into back-end-of-line compatible photonic platforms”, says Giesecke. “In the past years we have focused in particular in optimizing the fabrication processes and the integration of perovskite materials into photonic platforms in order to realize monolithic lasers. We have seen that the overall performance of the integrated devices depends strongly on the morphology of the employed materials, and that the lasing threshold can be strongly reduced by reducing the surface roughness of the perovskites and increasing the lateral dimensions of the crystallites. These are very interesting results for potential applications in the data-com sector and for sensor devices”. This research is partially funded by the PerovsKET project. The full abstract of her talk can be downloaded here.

In addition to her invited talk, Giesecke will be also chairing the Photodetectors session on May 10, 2021.