International researchers at AMO GmbH

Professor Max Lemme, managing director of AMO GmbH and Professor for Electronic Devices at RWTH Aachen University welcomes two distinguished international researchers at AMO GmbH: Professor Olof Engström from Chalmers University, Sweden and Professor Andrés Godoy Medina from University Granada, Spain. [read more »]

First integrated perovskite laser developed

The first integrated perovskite laser which has been fabricated by AMO in collaboration with IIT, Center for Nano Science and Technology, Milan has been published recently in Optics Express. It is the first lasing perovskite device which has been integrated on a high throughput silicon nitride photonic fabrication platform.

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Nanophotonics: Fiber-Chip-Coupling

AMO GmbH is project partner within a new joint ZIM project named `Fiber-Chip-Coupling´. Project partners besides AMO are LightFab GmbH also located in Aachen as well as Aifotec AG from Meiningen.

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AMO at NIL Industrial Day 2017

With a wide-ranging conference presentation at this year‘s NIL Industrial Day in Berlin AMO GmbH gave a comprehensive overview of its current technology portfolio, its cleanroom infrastructure as well as its specific competences to interested third parties. The lecture offered an excellent overview of the whole foundry service portfolio to potential customers. In particular in the area of UV-NIL, AMO as a very experienced partner is able to offer its clients the whole process flow beginning with design up to master fabrication and the real imprint process. [read more »]