Constitution of Johannes-Rau-Forschungsgemeinschaft’s Curatorship

The curatorship of the Johannes-Rau-Forschungsgemeinschaft (JRF) convened for its first session on the 22nd of June. Henceforth, it shall accompany the JRF in terms of scientific and strategic concerns as well as in terms of evaluating the associated institutes. For that purpose, the curatorship advises the general meeting and the management in all aspects of fundamental significance.

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Graphene enables the most sensitive flexible Hall sensors

Flexible Hall SensorsResearchers from AMO GmbH recently demonstrated a graphene based ultrathin and fully flexible Hall sensor device. The sensitivity is the highest for any flexible Hall sensor and competes with the established silicon based sensors. The demonstration at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona attracted wide interest from the industry around the world, because flexibility and minimum space requirement is essential for several emerging areas such as wearable electronics, electronic skin, highly integrated machines, robotics and prostheses. [read more »]

AMO GmbH grieves for its Founder and Managing Director Professor Heinrich Kurz

Professor Heinrich Kurz

Professor Dr. phil. Heinrich Kurz unexpectedly passed away on the 12th of March at the age of 72.

His many-sided scientific work distinguished him as a worldwide accredited scientist within the area of nanotechnology, optoelectronics and semiconductor physics. He shaped his scientific environment as a visionary and was both demanding and encouraging in research and teaching.

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Graphene Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress

AMO at MWC 1The Graphene Flagship, the EU’s biggest ever research initiative, is excited to present the inaugural Graphene Pavilion at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry with over 100,000 attendees and 2000 exhibitors, 22-25 February 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The Graphene Pavilion will be a unique space to explore the latest graphene based innovations from both academia and industry with numerous prototypes and demonstrations.

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AMO is presenting itself as a silver sponsor at RWTH Aachen University “Electrical Engineering Day”

Tag_der_ETechnikTag_der_ETechnik_IIAs one of the main sponsors AMO is presenting its diversified range of services and products to the appreciated graduates and further interested persons at “Electrical Engineering Day 2015”. On the occasion of the accompanying industry exhibition AMO shows potential fields of activity to future professionals.

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Prof. Mokwa, provided a review of the year 2015 followed by further lectures on new topics, projects and research plans. After the graduates have been acknowledged in a special ceremony the managing director of AMO GmbH Prof. H. Kurz, introduced the festive part of the event with his final speech addressing the graduates.

EPIC Biophotonics Symposium and Exhibition at Messe Berlin 26-27 November 2015

The annual growth rate in biophotonics will become more and more important in the branch of photonic components. The Biophotonics Symposium in Berlin organized by EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) provided a basis for medical doctors and photonic researcher and companies in order to channel developments towards fulfilling the unmet needs in improving medical diagnosis and treatments. Dr. Anna Lena Giesecke, head of nanophotonics at AMO, held a talk titled Integrated photonics based on nanophotonic structures for medical applications and participated in the panel discussion about Future Trends in Biophotonics.

PPA network chosen as example of success

PPA_LogoPartners from research and development, equipment manufacturing and application are working together within the innovation network PPA (product- and process-security by spectroscopic analysis). Here, the focus lies on development and market launch of innovative and competitive spectrometers and detectors. Now, the PPA was decorated for its successful work within this network. The AMO GmbH is one of 21 active members of this network. [read more »]

Johannes-Rau-Forschungsgemeinschaft prepares itself for the future

The Johannes-Rau-Forschungsgemeinschaft (JRF), the umbrella organisation of fifteen research institutes in North Rhine-Westphalia, starts public communication.JRF_Logo_Unterzeile_RGB

From today on, the JRF can be found with a professional appearance on the web page with its motto ‘Research made in North Rhine-Westphalia for society, economy and politics’. Information concerning the community and activities of all institutes is available here, as well as contacting the agency and signing up for cost free presentations.

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20th Anniversary of AMO’s Wind Energy Plant ANIMA

WKA_ANIMAOn the  7th of June 1995, twenty years right before the energy transition, for which the German Federal Government now takes great care, the rotors named „Wolfgang“, „Georg“ and „Wilhelm“ started spinning. So they did successfully without an essential break until the 9th of May 2015, a few days before the end of its guarantee period. After 20 years of operation time, a fissure within the pivot of the complex led to a defect, which is going to be repaired just within the next few weeks, so that the complex will be 100% operational again. Within its total operation time, several heavy storms were overcome without damage and thus technical availability of 97% was reached.

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