On-chip lasers remain a highly sought but elusive component for integrated photonic circuits and systems for high-speed data communication as well as numerous gas-, bio- and chemical sensing applications. Conventional semiconductor lasers can provide this functionality and performance but cannot be directly manufactured on a silicon or silicon nitride photonic platform due to severe process incompatibility. This project aims to investigate the potential of metal-halide perovskite semiconductors for electrically pumped integrated lasers. This overarching objective is triggered by the remarkable optical gain, the (relatively) high charge carrier mobility and the tunability of the direct band gap of metal-halide perovskites, which in principle makes them an excellent choice for low-cost integrated lasers on silicon nitride photonics. Although optically pumped perovskite on-chip lasers have already been demonstrated, achieving CW operation and electrically pumped lasing at room temperature (RT) remains an immense challenge. In the previous work perovskite micro-disc lasers monolithically integrated into silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits (PICs) using top down process are presented [1]. In order to achieve electrically pumped lasers, such top down process should be utilized to pattern the perovskite as the gain media into the silicon nitride PICs.