A new visiting scientist at AMO

AMO GmbH warmly welcome Dr. Tauheed Mohammad, from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore, India. Dr. Mohammad will be spending a one-year research staying at AMO with a post-doctoral industrial fellowship of the Indo-German Science & Technology Center (IGSTC).

Dr. Tauheed Mohammad

Dr. Mohammad’s research interests focus on the development and optimization of photovoltaics and light-emitting devices (LEDs) based on novel materials, such as perovskites and organic materials. At AMO he will work in on the development of on-chip lasers based on perovskites suitable for continuous wave operation.

“We have very happy to receive Tauheed in our group”, says Dr. Piotr Cegielski, who will be his direct supervisor. “His proposal for the IGSTC grant fits perfectly with our current interests at AMO, for instance with the research that we are doing in the projects PERSEPHONEe and HIPER-LASE. Together with Tauheed we will investigate ways to reduce the lasing-threshold of the on-chip lasers to make them suitable for continuous wave operation.”

“My sincere gratitude to Prof. Max Lemme and Dr. Piotr Cegielski for making the IGSTC industrial postdoctoral fellowship possible”, says Dr. Mohammad. “I deeply appreciate their support and guidance.  This Fellowship is a great opportunity to develop my career ambitions. The impact of proposed research and the soft-skill training provided by AMO will be very important for my professional development. It will be a springboard to become an independent early-career researcher in industry or in a leading university.”

IGSTC is a bilateral institution supported by the Indian and German governments, with the goal of advancing industrial- and research-partnerships between the two countries in basic and in applied science.