Girls’ Day at AMO leaves a lasting impression on 11 young girls

Today, 11 interested and motivated girls visited AMO to get to know the heart of the Aachen-based research company: the so-called cleanroom. Here, they were able to look over the shoulders of AMO researchers and perhaps understand a little better how the boundaries between physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine become blurred in these small dimensions and what typical process steps look like in the manufacturing of tiny components.

In the scanning electron microscope, they were able to examine a bee’s eye at a magnification of 500,000 times. They then had the opportunity to follow the lithography of a wafer through the various process steps and were allowed to take their self-made wafer with the Girls’ Day logo home as a lasting souvenir.

On Girls’ Day, companies, businesses and universities throughout Germany open their doors to girls in grades 5 to 9. The goal of Girls’ Day is to inform girls about careers and studies in IT, science and technology, fields in which women are rarely represented. Girls’ Day has been taking place since 2001 and is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. AMO participates in Girls’Day since 2002 and is enthusiastic about it from the very beginning.

The girls left AMO with lasting impressions and their own wafer.  We will be happy if some of them remember this day in a few years and maybe come back to Otto-Blumenthal-Straße 25 and stay for more than one day, e.g. for a school internship or a student job.