Program ‘NRW Patent Validation’: 2 out of 15 funded projects go to AMO GmbH

AMO GmbH celebrates a double success in the first round of the ‘NRW Patent Validation’ program, with one funded project on green hydrogen production and one on photonic integrated chips for artificial intelligence.

The ‘NRW Patent Validation’ program is an initiative supported by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and by the European Union to accelerate the journey of inventions from laboratory to market. Specifically, the program, which is directed to all universities and non-university research institutions in NRW, aims at validating the market potential of submitted patents through an application-oriented approach and the close collaboration with regional companies.
AMO GmbH has been doubly successful in the first round of the initiative and will receive funding for both the projects “PLANTAGE” and “ResTop” (Photonic reservoir computing with non-planar topology). The project PLANTAGE focuses on a periodic semiconductor device to be used for the technological form of photosynthesis, for example to produce green hydrogen or to split carbon dioxide and convert it into renewable energy sources. The project ResTop targets an integrated chip for artificial intelligence (AI) applications which could be used, for example, to analyze the transmission quality of fiber optic connections.
“I’m very proud of this result,” says Prof. Max Lemme, Managing Director of AMO. “It is remarkable that two out of the 15 granted projects in all of NRW come from AMO. This is a great reflection of the large innovation potential of our research.”
The ‘NRW Patent Validation’ program is funded through the ERDF/JTF program NRW 2021-2027. More information on the program and on the projects awarded in the first funding-round can be found here.