MultiLab: a lab-on-chip platform for chemical and biochemical analysis

AMO GmbH is proud to be one of the partners of MultiLab, an EU project that aims at developing a lab-on-chip platform designed to meet the growing demand for small, versatile sensors able to provide chemical and biochemical information.

(Image credit: Darko Stojanovic/Pixabay

Analysis methods like chromatography and microscopy are essential working horses of medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring. These methods are accurate and effective, but can be slow and require specialized equipment and personnel – which often represents a bottleneck in their applicability.  The MultiLab project aims to address this limitation by creating easy-to-use sensors that can be used quickly and by anyone.

A wafer with photonic chips developed at AMO. (Image credit: AMO gmbH)

The key innovation of MultiLab is going to be a modular sensor chip that can detect biological, chemical, and molecular targets simultaneously. This chip is designed to be manufactured on  large scale, making it accessible and cost-effective. Possible applications of the MultiLab platform include early warning systems for harmful algae blooms, and improved diagnosis of fevers without an apparent cause.

The project is coordinated Cyprus Research and Innovation Centre (CyRIC) and involve partners from academia, research institutions and companies from Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Dr. Stephan Suchow, leader of the Nanophotonic Group at AMO, explains: “AMO will fabricate the nanophotonic sensor chip at the heart of Multilab, together with the University of Ioannina who will fabricate electro-chemo-luminescent sensors on top of our wafers.”

MultiLab is part of the EU’s Horizon Europe Programme. Launched on January 1st, 2024, the project will run for four years.


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