The impacts of climate change and air pollution have become everyday concerns. With air quality having tangible effects on the environment and public health, accurate, real-time monitoring is of vital importance. The EU-funded AEOLUS project is developing a groundbreaking, affordable and miniaturised gas sensor that will greatly assist in rapidly and accurately assessing air quality. Utilising a novel sensing system, the sensor will calculate and predict indoor and outdoor air quality, greenhouse gas concentration and toxic gas leakage. The ultimate goal is to bring to the market affordable, portable sensors that will help improve air quality in a variety of environments, positively impacting daily life for European citizens.

The project AEOLUS targets the realization of an advanced sensing system for air-quality monitoring based on cloud-connected, miniaturized multi-gas sensors able to detect 10 to 15 gases. The sensing system will be powered by deep-learning algorithms and provide many functionalities for end-users, such as real-time alerts, notifications, and the possibility of taking automatic actions.