The project FOXES aims at establishing a new, eco-friendly paradigm for powering wireless devices of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network of electronic devices that are mutually interconnected and can intercommunicate. IoT is the core technology for future-defining concepts like autonomous driving and automated factories (Industry 4.0) and enables CO2 emissions reduction through improved efficiency of machines and industrial processes. In order to fully realise the IoT potential, interconnected devices need to be fully wireless and energy-autonomous, and often need to be used remotely, without grid connection.
The goal of the project is to develop the FOXES Power Cube – a compact 2 x 2 cm² device that combines a high-efficiency solar cell with a multilayer high-energy density capacitor and an energy management circuit able to ensure full energy-autonomous operation of an IoT sensor node. FOXES Power Cube will be lightweight, free from toxic or rare elements, and will have no negative environmental impact for its end-of-life. This will represent a new paradigm for providing power generation for applications requiring energy autonomy ranging from sensor networks and IoT devices to mobile use in the transport sector, industrial settings and emergency situations.

FOXES will not only realize the first prototypes of FOXES Power Cube, but it will also define a roadmap for scaling up this technology, and develop the characterization methods necessary to ensure reliable fabrication, integration and operation of FOXES Power Cube in sensor nodes in real urban environments.