2D-EPL multi-project wafer run Nr. 1

Logo 2D-EPLAMO GmbH is responsible for the first multi-project wafer (MPW) run offered by the 2D-EPL project. In each multi-project wafer run, universities, research institutes and companies can have their devices custom-processed on the dies on joint wafers.

The first MPW run is based on the baseline process developed by AMO for graphene field-effect transistors (GFET) and it is mainly intended for graphene-based sensors. The process include a top/bottom contact, optional local or global back-gate, optional encapsulation with possible graphene-area opening. The design of the device can be adjusted within the specifications listed below and summarized in the fact sheet.   The run  offers also options for Raman and electrical characterization of as-fabricated devices.

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Important Dates

  • 1 February 2022: Call open, see specifications below
  • 30 June 2022: Call closes, design freeze
  • 1 September – 31 October 2022: MPW run



  • Material: Silicon, Glass
  • Basic die size: 1 x 1 cm² (a different size can be consulted upon individual request)


  • General design rule: 5µm for in-layer critical dimension and over-layer alignment

Baseline Process

  • Top/Bottom metal contact
  • Wafer scale graphene transfer
  • Basic module provided in PDK: Hall cross, TLM devices, 4-point measurement bar
  • Optional: encapsulation, and via opening on top of metal pads
  • Optional: graphene sensing area opening
  • Optional: metal local or global back gate


  • Optional: Raman characterization
  • Optional: Electrical measurement for as-fabricated devices

Possible applications

  • Bio/ Gas/ Chemical sensors, Hall Sensors, Photodetectors