In addition to public funded research-projects, AMO conducts research and development for private customers in the field of advanced technology. This includes the exploitation of results from funded projects, technology transfer and  support for technology spin-offs. The first two spin-offs successfully supported by AMO are AMOtronics and Protemics


In 2010, AMO founded AMOtronics – its first spin-off in the field of measurement instrumentation.  AMOtronics develops high-end measurement technology and control systems. Its test and analysis solutions are used worldwide in a wide range of research and industrial projects, in the energy sector, aerospace, as well as automotive industry and defense.



Founded in 2014, Protemics is a spin-off of AMO and of the RWTH Aachen University. Protemics  develops ultra-fast photoconductive Terahertz microprobe devices for non-destructive testing applications. Protemics stands for innovative, custom-oriented products and services beyond the limits of conventional THz imaging tools.