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Micro- and Nanotechnology Foundry Services

If you are looking for an experienced partner to demonstrate micro- and nanotechnology for your application we are your contact!

We can look back onto a large number of successfully completed public funded projects as well as a growing number of direct industry cooperations.

We provide “full technology support” in micro- and nanotechnology, semiconductor technology and electronics, photonics and optics, nanopatterned substrates for biotechnology and much more.


We are the ideal partner for

  • technology development
  • semiconductor device processing development
  • outsourcing semiconductor, micro- and nanotechnology
  • small volume manufacturing up to 6”
  • master and template fabrication
  • and much more

Interested in our processing and technology services?
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Electron Beam Lithography Services

AMO offers a wide range of readily available EBL processes on many different substrate types, substrate sizes and applications. This includes processes for both positive and negative tone resists (PMMA, ZEP 520A, HSQ). Processes suitable to be followed by a RIE etching or a lift-off process, both also offered by AMO, are at hand. For the fabrication of high aspect ratio nanostructures special processes utilising super critical resist drying can be used. Processes using megasonic assisted development are also available. In addition to these ready-to-use processes AMO also offers upon request the development of EBL processes for the special needs of our customers.


  • Lithography for sub 10 nm resolution
  • Arbitrary nanopattern generation
  • Master and template fabrication for nanoimprint lithography
  • Lithography for high aspect ratio nanostructures
  • Nanostructures for biotechnology

Download E-beam Fact Sheet


Technology and Equipment

AMO runs a class 10 to class 1000 cleanroom with a total area of 400 m²: Nanolab AMICA. Here, high end fabrication equipment for semiconductor technology is operated in a flexible way to enable quick process changes and unconventional solutions.

  • Substrate materials: silicon, SOI, quartz, sapphire etc., sizes ranging from 10x10 mm² up to 6"
  • Electron beam lithography, UV-nanoimprint lithography, photolithography and holography.
  • Etching processes for silicon, SOI, quartz, glass, Ta2O5, Si3N4, sapphire, Al, Ti, TiN and many more.  
  • Thin-film deposition processes (CVD, PVD, ALD) of Al, Cr, W, Ti, TiN, Si, SiO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3, AlN and others.
    We have coated wafers in stock.
  • automated SEM-inspection, scanning probe microscopy, automated defect analysis, high-end electrical characterization and many more.

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thin film coating

special substrates

chip fabrication

e-beam lithography for
sub-10nm lines


integrated circuit prototyping

silicon master

photonic crystal device

 SOI photonic circuits


grids and gratings up to 6"

 NanoBio interface



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