AMO grants students insight into the exciting working field of nanotechnology

RWTH Berufetag 1AMO has been supporting young scientists for many years and already gives students the opportunity to get an idea of the future occupational field of nanotechnology on site.

Last week a group of students of the Gustav Heinemann comprehensive school from Alsdorf near Aachen visited AMO with a total of 30 students.
The visit began with a short lecture on graphene, adapted to the students’ state of knowledge, before the students were able to see the systems of a nanotechnology laboratory first-hand in AMO’s own clean room.RWTH Berufetag 2 The visit was completed with a small, practical activity. Using the so-called “Scotch Tape” method, the students produced their own graphene flakes and were able to examine those under the light microscope. AMO’s employees hope that it was an interesting day for everyone involved and that they succeeded in giving an interesting overview of the diverse fields of work of a micro- and nanotechnologist in the short time available.

RWTH Career-day and Girls’ Day

True to the motto “Nanotechnology – hands-on” AMO presented itself a few days later at the RWTH Aachen University’s Career-day. Here, students from the 8th grade onwards were able to try out the microscope and examine structures in the nanometer range. Employees of AMO answered questions to interested students.

This series will already be continued in mid-April, when AMO will again participate in the “Girls’ Day” as every year.

Article on last year’s Girls’ Day at AMO.