A special workshop in Vaals

AMO has grown consistently in the past three years, gaining new people, new projects, and new inputs. On December 4, 2019, it has taken a pause to look back to these developments and to look forward to the future. All members of AMO and of the Chair of Electronic Devices (ELD) have met in Kasteel Vaalsbroek (Vaals, NL) for a one-day workshop to discuss the mission, the vision and the values of AMO.

Using the format of the “World Café”, all participants got involved in a lively discussion on what is the scope that AMO sees for itself, what are its ambitions for the next ten years, what are the fundamental principles that must orient its actions and decisions. Everyone involved in the future of AMO − members, partners, and permanent guests − could contribute to topics that are otherwise often discussed only at the level of management. Goal of the day: shaping a document where everyone can identify itself, a document saying “We are AMO”.