AMO is a new member of the SiNANO Institute

In March, AMO has officially joined the SiNANO Institute – the European Academic and Scientific Association for Nanoelectronics.

The SiNANO Institute is a non-profit association with the mission of strengthening the international impact of European activities in the field of nanoelectronics by promoting research, development and cooperation between its members.

Established in 2008 in the context of a „Network of Excellence“  funded by the European Commission, the SiNANO Institute has grown into a durable network of researchers that form a distributed center of excellence in nanoelectronics. Today, it is recognized as the leading institution representing the European academic community in nanoelectronics, and it is the EU representative for IRDS – the “International Roadmap for Devices and Systems”.

“I’m very happy to have finally formalized the membership of AMO within the SiNANO Institute”, say Prof. Max Lemme, Scientific Director of AMO. “We have been working closely together with many SINANO’s members already in the past, but now the official membership of AMO has additional benefits for both sides. With the European Chips Act in place, we need to foster collaborations between European players as much as ever, if we want to reach the technological sovereignty of Europe in high-tech sector. Being part of the SiNANO Institute is a way to affirm the pan-European spirit that drives us at AMO“.

“Furthermore, this move allows me to resolve a kind of internal conflict”, jokes Lemme, who is Chairperson of the General Assembly of the SiNANO Insitute, but in his role as head of the Chair of Electronic Devices (ELD) at RWTH Aachen University. “Sometimes, it felt a bit schizophrenic being part of the SiNANO institute as ELD but not as AMO. I’m happy to have now resolved at least this issue.”