Mission & Values

Our mission

AMO is a research institute for nanotechnology. We are worldwide sought-after partners for new technologies in the fields of nanoelectronics, photonics, sensor technology, diagnostics, energy and environment.

We research sustainable technological solutions for today’s global challenges. We believe technological progress is a pillar for increasing the common good.

We act as pathfinders by constantly monitoring new fin-dings from global research and by assessing their applicability and scalability potential. We contribute our expertise to research and development projects.

We see ourselves as partners of innovators who want to explore new and unconventional routes. We quickly translate our knowledge and our latest findings into applications, and transfer the results to our R&D partners. By transferring technology to industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and young start-ups, we provide important impulses for our economic environment in NRW, Germany and Europe.

We contribute to training and developing the potential individuals.

We operate with enthusiasm, competence and open-mindedness.

Our values

We pursue research and development of technologies for the benefit of mankind and of the environment, operating within the framework of our liberal society and of its values.

We are aware that we – the AMO team – depend on each other for mutual success. For this, we act responsibly in our respective roles and functions. This includes protecting liberal rights also in everyday life.

Communication and information are at the basis of our growing success, together with a good organization that give us the flexibility of adapting to changing conditions. We see healthy growth as an essential element of our success.

We believe that honest and open communication is the key to best results and sustainable business, and we strive for a high level of reliability and commitment in all cooperation projects.

We know that we are successful when our work at AMO is based on enthusiasm, creativity, joy in research, and on a supportive attitude. We are aware of our strengths and of our capabilities. We also know that a pioneering spirit implies possible failures and demands a culture of learning, as well as the possibility of maintaining room for personal regeneration.

Remaining true to oneself means getting involved and representing one’s opinion. Our common values include also building trust, understanding and empathy by listening.

We are tolerant and open-minded. Loyalty, respect, support and responsibility are the qualities at the basis of our relationships. Our behaviour is based on fairness. We balance interests and show transparency in our decisions.

Equality means for AMO GmbH not only gender equality, but also an appreciative and non-discriminatory interaction with each other, regardless of gender, religion, origin, age, etc.. We see this as a prerequisite for a successful research environment.

Especially in the field of scientific research, an environment in which employees can develop freely has an inspiring effect and promotes cutting-edge research.

For more Information about Equality download our full equality plan on the right navigationpane under “Downloads”.