AMO joins Silicon Photonics alliance ePIXfab

This month AMO’s R&D foundry services joint ePIXfab – the European Silicon Photonics Alliance. The mission statement of ePIXfab is the promotion of silicon photonics science, technology and applications. ePIXfab represents the European silicon photonics community, organizes training activities, creates opportunities for collaborative research projects and defines technology road maps. It started as a technology broker for multi-project wafer (MPW) services in 2006, but has since evolved into an open alliance of European institutions and companies with currently 30 members.

AMO’s customized wafer run R&D services for silicon and silicon nitride photonics are now promoted via the ePIXfab platform and brought to a broader range of research and innovation partners.

The ePiXfab members are listed here:

Information about the customized prototyping services can be found here:

Examples of results of AMO’s photonic fabrication platform: a) shallow-etched grating coupler, b) directional coupler, c) Si3N4 thermo-optical switch, d) photonic crystal waveguide, e) double slot ring resonator in Si3N4, f) interleaved phase shifter with pn-junction width of 150 nm, g) microring resonator, h) transceiver for active optical cable 56 Gbit/s, i) SOI wafer with transceiver chips