MNE 2016 with a strong presence of AMO GmbH

mne_2016_bilderAMO was strongly represented at MNE 2016 in Vienna. With 3 posters, 2 lectures and a very well frequented exhibition booth AMO had the chance to get in touch with many interested visitors. AMO’s representatives were able to lead interesting and informative conversations, establish new research and business contacts or refresh old ones.

MNE 2016, the 42nd international conference on micro- and nanofabrication and manufacturing using lithography and related techniques, attracted around 700 participants. The conference brought together engineers and scientists from all over the world to discuss recent progress and future trends in the fabrication and application of micro- and nanostructures and devices. Applications in electronics, photonics, electromechanics, environment, life sciences and biology are also discussed.